About Us Office Moving FAQ

I have never planned a move before, how can Planes help?

With Planes’ Move Management service, you don’t have to worry about a thing. One of our experienced Project Managers will be assigned to your project and work with you and your team throughout every stage of the move process.

What is the process for getting an estimate for my move?

We will schedule one of our Planes Commercial Services representatives to come out to your location when it is convenient for you, and do a walkthrough of your space. During the onsite visit, our rep will consult with you to determine what your needs are. There is no charge for the site visit and consultation. We will then prepare a comprehensive, no-obligation proposal detailing the project scope and cost and send it to you for review and approval.

Can you perform moves during the weekend?

Yes. We understand that you want the move to have minimal impact on your business. We can perform relocations after-hours, either evenings or weekends, depending on your scheduling needs.

Can you move computers and phones?

Yes. We can also provide the disconnect and reconnect service, if needed.

Can Planes Commercial Services help with moving our existing systems furniture and cubicles?

Yes. We have a team of experienced in-house furniture installation technicians who can complete the disassembly and reassembly of all systems (modular) furniture.

How does Planes Commercial Services make sure that items get in the right place at the new location?

Planes Commercial Services uses a placard and label system. With Planes Commercial Services’ Move Management, the Planes Project Manager will work with your internal move team to code floor plans, placards and labels which will be used to instruct the move crew how to handle each item.

What kind of labor does Planes use?

Planes Commercial Services does not use any casual labor on jobs and all crew members are Planes employees. All Planes team members are uniformed, trained, background-checked and drug-tested.

How do you handle the move of flat screen monitors?

To safely move flat screen monitors, Planes will protect each monitor individually using special materials. Each monitor is then carefully placed in an open top, thick-walled carton called a "speedpack", for secure transport.

Can Planes Commercial Services help us pack our offices?

As part of our Move Management service, a Planes Project Manager will lead a Relocation Planning Meeting, fully explaining packing, the responsibilities of your staff and of our move team, and the materials, equipment and procedures involved.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, Planes carries insurance required by each state for commercial moves. Additional insurance options are available based on your company's needs.

Does Planes Commercial Services have storage facilities?

Yes. Planes has five climate-controlled warehouse locations across the Midwest in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus, OH, Indianapolis, IN and Chicago, IL.

Will Planes Commercial Services communicate with Building Management about the move?

With Planes Commercial Services’ Move Management, we will coordinate every detail of your project. This includes communicating with building and facilities managers to understand any special requirements and arrange access to elevators, loading/unloading areas, entrances and exits as needed.

Can Planes provide a Certificate of Insurance?

Yes, Planes can provide a COI for your project. We carry a high level of insurance that meets or exceeds industry standards. A COI can be issued to document the insurance, listing your company as additionally insured. 

What kind of building protection does Planes Commercial Services use?

Planes Commercial Services can install a Masonite, floor covering walkway to protect carpets and floors, eliminating damage caused by heavy traffic. Doorjamb protection and corrugated wrap will be used to protect facility corners and finished wall surfaces. Planes will use the right materials to provide ultimate protection and reduce your maintenance cost.

What size of moves can you handle?

Planes Commercial Services can handle any-size move, big or small for virtually any business environment, including offices, warehouses, medical, and schools and campuses.

If I have classified materials that need to be moved, how will Planes Commercial Services handle those items?

To ensure the security of sensitive or classified items during the move, Planes will use security ties on the move crates which can be identified through a numeric coding system. If necessary, we can also wrap crates and rolling carts in black shrink wrap to eliminate the visibility of those items. Planes Commercial crews are background-checked and trained to protect all items during transit from loss, damage, theft or weather damage. Items are never left unattended, and vehicles are always under supervision during the loading process. Planes will empty vehicles of all materials and equipment at the end of the work day.

The process can be custom-tailored to each company's needs. Many confidential/sensitive items can also be transported on a special vehicle with a dedicated crew under lock and key by the client.

Is it necessary to pack the contents of file cabinets?

Depending on the type and size of the file cabinet, there may be some packing required. Generally, the contents of any vertical file do not need to be emptied and packed for the move. Lateral files may require some packing to avoid any potential damages to the cabinet itself.

Is Planes Commercial Services environmentally friendly?

Planes can provide plastic reusable moving crates instead of boxes for your move. Our cardboard boxes can also be reused up to a certain number of times before we recycle them. We also reuse and recycle our plastic computer and monitor bags, as well as the bags for the cords and all peripheral components. All of our building protection materials are reusable as well.

Will Planes Commercial Services provide packing materials for my office move?

Planes will provide any necessary packing materials prior to your actual move.

What is your claims procedure? When would I need to file a claim?

In the unlikely event that you have a claim, the claim must be filed in writing within 60 days from date of delivery.